Warehouse REIT plc

Annual report 2022
Warehouse is a young but quickly expanding company managing a diversified portfolio of urban warehouse assets. A market leader, it operates in a strongly performing sector that has been buoyed by the undeniable escalation in e-commerce. Their vision as they grow is to become the UK’s warehouse provider of choice.

Our objective for this report was to help Warehouse prepare for a bigger listing on the Main Market and to support its upcoming fundraise and placing programme. It was important that we show the strength and reliability of its evolving strategy and demonstrate that longevity at the heart of its decision making.

We wanted to create a report that would help correctly position Warehouse for its transition. To do this, we undertook peer benchmarking to analyse any gaps in AIM to Main Market disclosure and highlighted a few areas that would benefit from additional focus. Due to rapidly changing regulations, guidance was ever-changing and so it was important that we stayed on top of this to add value in our relationship.

We developed innovative ways to showcase Warehouse’s evolving strategy, creating a more mature report reflecting its growth and position change. We added a Q&A section with the Managing Director to directly address investor questions about the strategy and further brought it to life with case studies.

We are proud of the end result, which goes beyond its current disclosure requirements and is often used by others as a benchmark for good reporting. The consistent tone of voice, messaging and look and feel across all corporate communications has really tied the company together and presented it as a mature investment choice.

It was a pleasure to work with the lyonsbennett team. They understood the brief, provided some excellent design suggestions and delivered the annual report in a timely and efficient manner and in line with budget.
Peter Greenslade
Finance Director
Tilstone managing Warehouse REIT plc


Corporate and Financial Awards
Best Printed Report (AIM) 2022 (Silver)