Alphawave IP Group plc

Annual report 2021
Faced with the exponential growth of data, Toronto startup Alphawave IP’s technology has emerged to serve a critical need: enabling data to travel faster, more reliably and with higher performance at lower power. A global leader in high-speed connectivity, the dynamic company’s mission is to tackle the world’s hardest-to-solve connectivity challenges.

Alphawave partnered with lyonsbennett ahead of its maiden annual report and together we developed a clear and concise strategy to help support their listing and communications narrative.

Our key objectives were to ensure the company’s messaging was accessible for both technical and non-technical investors, mitigate against the negative impact of a news blog and help structure their ESG proposition. By developing a multi-layered communication approach, Alphawave were able to offer audiences greater transparency and understanding.

For the report, we created an “Understanding Alphawave IP” spread up front to provide newcomers to the business and the non-technical audience with a solid foundation of understanding. We built on this graphically to easily demonstrate market opportunities, revenue generation and the position of Alphawave within the wider ecosystem. A Q&A piece with the Executive Chair also helped to establish the technical leadership of the company in the marketplace. As a software company with a low environmental impact, we focused on the social and governance elements of the ESG offering, specifically diversity across the business.

The transparency of disclosure and quality of the report has received consistent positive feedback from the market, and we are now using the style and approach developed for the annual report to update other collateral, such as the presentation template.


Corporate and Financial Awards
Best Printed Report (International) 2022 (Bronze)