Nexus Infrastructure plc

Corporate website
Nexus Infrastructure plc (Nexus) is a leading provider of essential infrastructure services to the UK housebuilding and commercial sectors.

Our aim was to develop a corporate website that delivers engaging visuals and content while successfully acting as a “window” into the business as a whole.

A striking home page includes dynamic video footage that succinctly demonstrates Nexus’ core capabilities and effectively provides a snapshot into the business’ activities for new users.

An intuitive navigation structure enhances user experience, enabling visitors to access information quickly and easily, while the “sticky” navigation, which remains visible even when scrolling, allows users to seamlessly move between key sections.

The site is built with an integral CMS, meaning Nexus can handle the majority of updates internally, thereby keeping control and ensuring that content is always up to date, fresh and relevant.

Visually crisp and clean, the modular design works across responsive breakpoints, ensuring it can be viewed over multiple devices, while the professional look and feel also aligns with Nexus’ other corporate collateral.

Harnessing the increased investor traffic, the site was launched to coincide with the release of Nexus’ full-year results.

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