Our philosophy is to produce creative, engaging and accessible communications in an environment where service is key.

Influenced by the latest developments in best practice and corporate reporting trends, we help our clients communicate in compelling ways.
By understanding their needs, objectives and audiences, we ensure their annual reports are effective investor relations tools providing engaging stakeholder communication.

We understand the challenges facing businesses requiring high-quality yet cost-effective approaches. Our close working relationships with our trusted suppliers ensure we always deliver value for money. Central to this is our transparent pricing policy, ensuring our clients do not pay inflated third-party costs for items such as print and photography.

We deliver creativity and insight within the framework of a seamless production process.

Awards & recognition

IR Magazine Awards Europe 2022 – Best ESG Materiality Reporting
Watkin Jones plc

Highly Commended
IR Society Best Practice Awards 2021 – Best Annual Report
Trifast plc

Highly Commended
Corporate & Financial Awards 2021 – Best Printed Report
Warehouse REIT plc

International Design Awards’ Best Graphic Design – Annual Reports 2020
GCP Student Living (Silver) and Averda (Bronze)

IR Society Best Practice Awards’ Best Communication of ESG 2020
JLEN Environmental Assets Group

Highly Commended
AIC Shareholder Communication Awards’ Best Report and Accounts – Alternative 2020
GCP Student Living

Triple Gold Award Winner
Corporate & Financial Awards, IADA Awards and International Design Awards’ Best Annual Report 2018/19
GCP Student Living

IR Society’s Grand Prix Best Overall Communication of Investment Proposition 2018

Corporate & Financial Awards’ Best Printed Report 2018

IG Design Group (Silver), RDI REIT (Bronze) and GCP Student Living (Bronze)

Our team

The Lyonsbennett team has a combined experience of over 40 years in corporate communications, having produced well in excess of 1000 annual, half-year and corporate responsibility reports and websites.

This experience has shaped our philosophy today – to produce creative, engaging and accessible communications in an environment where service is always key.

Katie Lyons-Duncanson
Founder and Managing Director

Specialising in best practice trends and both client and market knowledge, Katie’s experience, expertise and commitment to project management ensures an unrivalled approach to client service; translating aspiration into achievement.

Neil Duncanson
Commercial Director

Developing and maintaining lyonsbennett’s business connections, Neil’s commercial experience, both client and agency-side, ensures the reliability, integrity and value of the company’s commercial relationships.

Vikki Gault

Bringing over a decade of FTSE 250 senior client-side experience and expertise, Vikki leads on copywriting, ESG, corporate narrative and client journey.

Elaine Craig
Creative Director

Ensuring compelling and creative design across both print and digital media, Elaine brings a wealth of experience that enables lyonsbennett to deliver projects that not only hit the brief but also surpass client expectations.

Alice Lidbetter
Account Director

Providing the highest levels of client communication and support, Alice ensures that client amends and proofs are turned around quickly, accurately and seamlessly.

Poppy Mapes
Senior Account Manager

Ensuring that client needs are understood and satisfied throughout the lifetime of the project, Poppy’s knowledge, experience and approach delivers trusted support that surpasses client expectation.

Lee Sargent
Production Director

Leading the production team, Lee is responsible for the accuracy, reliability and efficiency of the production process, scheduling work and managing the relationship with our suppliers.

Louise Fernandes
Production Manager

Maintaining design integrity during the production process, Louise accurately and consistently implements client content to the highest design standards ensuring a final product that surpasses the client brief.

Brandon Attwood

Responsible for creating initial visual concepts in response to clients’ briefs, Brandon develops engaging designs that bring stories to life.

James Heginbottom

Developing creative and engaging design solutions, James produces unique ideas to create eye-catching designs that visualise client corporate narrative.

Hanna Harkness

Focusing on exceptional design visuals for print and digital, Hanna translates client briefs into impactful designs, on brand and on message.

Matt Casey

Thinking creatively outside of the box, Matt brings a passion and unique perspective for traditional design and illustration.

Faith Ogunwale
Account Executive

Providing trusted client support during the production process, Faith’s keen proofreading eye ensures adherence to house styles and accuracy in the final published reports.

Claire Morgan
Account Executive

Approaching every project with a keen eye for detail, Claire provides clients with thorough support and delivers strong results every time.

Ellen Crowley
Account Executive

Excelling in building and sustaining key client relationships, Ellen provides steadfast support and trusted assistance throughout the entire duration of their projects.

Becca Doe
Account Executive

Developing essential client relationships, Becca takes pride in delivering high quality work that always ensures trust and satisfaction is maintained to the highest degree.

Andy Taylor
Senior Proofreader

Exceeding client expectations, Andy takes pride in ensuring that all reports and corporate communications are error-free, consistent and to the highest standard.

Caitlin Brodie

Fulfilling an essential proofreading role, Caitlin’s keen eye for detail and meticulous grammar, spelling and artwork checks ensure all reports accurately reflect our clients’ brand and narrative.

Lois Lock
Junior Proofreader

Ensuring accuracy in client narrative Lois’ enthusiasm for the written word and passion for storytelling ensures client messaging is consistent, compelling and above all correct.

James Holmes
Research Analyst

Analysing trends and best-in-class reporters, James delivers benchmarking analysis and practical support on best practice.

Hannah Winter
Junior Artworker

Delivering fast and accurate artwork updates, Hannah’s calm and professional approach ensures proof turnarounds are both timely and precise.

Nicola Tindale

Working with dedication and precision, Nicola crafts artwork of the highest quality for print and digital media.

Nikki Owen

Creating print-ready artwork from design concepts, Nikki’s experience and keen eye for detail, ensures accurate proofs on brand and brief.

Christine Bennett
Executive Assistant

Providing the highest level of executive and team support, Christine ensures the smooth running of the lyonsbennett ship.