Annual report 2019
The first year we worked with Averda was a year of transformation, with a new chairman and a redefined strategy for the leading waste management business in the emerging world. The year the founder stepped down was an opportunity to reflect on company history and to set out the inspiring forward-looking vision for the company.

Robust financial and strategic disclosures were supported with communication of a clear purpose, mission and values and the authentic integration of sustainability, demonstrating how Averda is increasingly contributing towards the circular economy.

The striking imagery commands attention and gives an insight into local impact, with employee snapshots, statistics, maps, and case studies. The strong design and eco credentials were commended at the International Design Awards 2020.

Very pleased to have chosen lyonsbennett as our design partners for this project – they patiently held my hand through the process and couldn’t have been kinder or more supportive.
Polly Markandya
Group Communications Manager


International Design Awards
Bronze in Graphic Design / Annual Reports

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