GCP Asset Backed
Income Fund Limited

Annual report 2018
GCP Asset Backed Income Fund is a listed investment company which focuses predominantly on investments in UK asset backed loans across a range of sectors, delivering long-term risk-adjusted returns to its shareholders.

The objective of 2018’s report was to communicate the company’s financial success story (evidenced through a special dividend and C share conversion) while at the same time highlighting the assets’ sustainability themes – community investment, job creation, local art spaces, and a new recycling plant were all facilitated this year. Lyonsbennett arranged fresh, vibrant asset photography for impactful case studies. Through a strong brand identity and clear use of graphics, we made the complicated simple and told the story using clearly laid out visual devices throughout the strategic report, maintaining a consistent approach with its sister funds GCP Student Living and GCP Infrastructure Investments.

A business model addresses best practice trends and elegantly illustrates the company’s relationships, competitive strengths and role in value creation – both for shareholders and within wider society.

We were so pleased with the design, print and quality of the report. The team at lyonsbennett took the brief and delivered beyond our expectations, big thank you to all!
Chloe Marlow
Head of Fund Financial Control
GCP Asset Backed Income Fund Limited