EG Group

2019 Annual Report and Financial Statements
EG Group is a leading global independent convenience retailer with a diversified portfolio of more than 6,000 sites across ten countries in North America, Europe and Australia.

Showcasing the strategic acquisitions through the year, along with its continued organic investment growth, drove the report’s design and message, reflecting the scale, diversification, resilience and the growth potential of the business.

With bold and dynamic imagery, wider colour definition and shading, the report reflects the true diversity of EG and its commitment to investing in infrastructure, people, systems and local communities.

With new cohesive photography and creative infographics married to new standout feature spreads, this was a real step change in design, encompassing the range of geographical territories and global reach, aligned to the core values and branding and reaffirming EG’s diversified business model.

The report tells the story of transformational growth of the company.

We really appreciated the flexibility, insights and creativity of the LB team, working together we have developed a high-quality report that will continue to evolve with the company in the future.
Daniela Carette
Head of Investor Relations and Financial Projects Finance
EG Group