Ebiquity plc

Annual report 2018
Ebiquity is a leading independent media and marketing consultancy working in partnership with global brands to harness the power of data, analytics and technology to improve marketing outcomes.

In an ever-changing and more complex marketing environment, Ebiquity’s 2018 report sets out to emanate the singular focus of ‘creating clarity’. In style, the report is bold and simple, utilising typography and block colour to draw out key highlights and messages for the year. Dedicated, full-colour case study pages are also a visual standout highlighting the global nature of Ebiquity’s work, demonstrating the impact media and marketing data analysis provides for businesses.

A similarly uncomplicated approach explains both the transformational, and challenging, year to shareholders. A transparent Chairman’s statement, market review and CEO review outline the wider challenges faced and the increasing opportunities for growth, whilst the addition of a new corporate governance and people section emphasises the company’s focus on long-term success, transparency and compliance.

We can’t thank lyonsbennett enough for supporting us through the annual report process. It was a pleasure to work with the friendly team and we appreciated their efficient and quality-focused delivery.
Mark Sanford
General Counsel and Company Secretary
Ebiquity plc